Roofing System Audit
The roof System Audit is designed to provide the client with a complete detailed condition of a roof. The Roof Audit Report generally includes the following information:

1.0 Introduction

  • The introduction establishes the parameters and the purpose of the roof audit.

2.0 Visual Survey
The visual survey may include the following information:

  • Detailed analysis of the existing roof system.
  • Core testing results
  • Visual observation of deficiencies, cross-referenced with visual images.
  • Detailed investigation of problem areas observed.

3.0 Recommendations

  • Remedial action required is prioritized so that the most critical problems are addressed first.
  • In many instances a small immediate expenditure on maintenance type items can result in the postponement or elimination of major repairs or replacement.
  • Environmental concerns have led to the development of "green" roofing system options.

4.0 Project Management

  • Materials selection for maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • Preparation of specifications and drawings.
  • Preparation of bid documents and bid call.
  • Bid evaluation.
  • On site quality assurance of the contractor's work.

5.0 Budgets

  • Yearly maintenance and repair budgets.
  • Major roofing or re-roofing budgets.
  • 5-year capital improvement and maintenance budgets.

6.0 Visual Images & Drawings

  • View the actual problems by means of digital photography or active video.
  • Roof plan detailing areas of concern.

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