Cott Beverages

Chronic Leakage Problem

Size: 55,000 ft²
Roof: Steel

Challenge: The Cott Beverages bottling plant in Scoudouc, N.B. was experiencing chronic leakage from the existing steel roofing system over the warehouse area. Cott Beverages engaged RoofChek to determine the sources of leakage and implement a plan for maintenance and repair that would solve the leakage issues.

The RoofChek audit revealed a number of deficiencies including poorly designed connections, deteriorated sealant and closures, loose fasteners, cracked fastener gaskets and poor roof penetration flashings.

Solution: RoofChek prepared a comprehensive program that included both preventative maintenance for existing roof assets and reroofing of areas beyond the scope of maintenance. RoofChek specified a phased reroofing program for the metal roof sections. Phase one involved the reroofing of 36,000 ft2 with an insulated proprietary modified bituminous elastomeric membrane system over the existing metal panels. The methodology chosen allowed operations to continue uninterrupted while roofing work progressed.

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