Province of New Brunswick

Signs of Deterioration

Size: 12,000 ft²

Challenge: The existing modified bituminous membrane system was 15 years old and showing signs of deterioration such as alligatoring, shrinkage and slippage. Some leaks were reported and the owner was concerned that a complete roof replacement might be necessary.

Solution: RoofChek undertook a comprehensive study of the existing conditions. A roof moisture survey revealed only a few wet areas of insulation and the deficiencies that were discovered were all repairable. As a result of the investigation findings, RoofChek specified a complete refurbishment of the existing roof system including the replacement of wet areas of insulation, repair of the existing membrane and flashings, installation of new roof drains and penetration flashings, and the application of an Energy Star rated reflective elastomeric roof coating. The result was that the service life of the roof was extended another 15 years for a fraction of the cost that would have been required for a complete replacement.


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